Jan 2, 2010

Take Screenshots on your Phone!

Do you ever wonder how i take screenshots on my phone. I'm sharing an application which is a freeware that does exactly  that.

With Best ScreenSnap you can capture screenshots on your smartphone, save them to a file or send them to friends or to your desktop computer.

Best ScreenSnap is FREE! You can download and use it absolutely free of charge. No spyware or adware inside.

Features include:

  • Configurable hotkey to make a screenshot.
  • Sound notification after taking screenshot
  • Supports true colour BMP, 256 colour BMP, and JPG
  • Ability to send image via Bluetooth, Infrared, MMS or email.
  • Auto-generated image name.
  • Ability to set up where to save screenshots.
Here are some images

quoted from : http://www.smartphoneware.com/screen_snap-for-s60-5th-edition-product.php

Download Link

As a side note, the homescreen I'm using is Vodaphone Homescreen.


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