Dec 31, 2009

Vodaphone Homescreen

Hack Your Nokia 5800
This is another homescreen that I made into an sis file. Original Mod is found here.

This homescreen is another very functional homescreen very recently ported from Vodaphone. Features include:
  • Kinetic Scrolling
  • Enhanced Notifications
  • Multiple Shortcuts!
Installation is fairly easy. Simply download
    Download Here

    • Vodaphone Homescreen with no Orange Installed if you haven't installed it.
       Download Here

      If you live in a different country other than the Philippines, simple change the folders by using a file manager like xplore.

      To your Mobile Network Operator Code which you can find here.

      So, for example you live in Afghanistan and your operator is Afghan Wireless Communication Company you need to rename one of the folders listed above to c:\resource\plugins\vodafoneidle2\41201.

      That's it. Happy New Year.


      Anonymous said...

      i got a blank screen using the vodafone hs, what can i do??

      Anonymous said...

      my email is plz send me a solution!

      Oreo27 said...

      please change the name of the folder to make it work properly, also, this only works on nokia 5800 rm-356 versions, to check which version you have *#0000#

      Anonymous said...

      it doesnt work on rm356 v50

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