Jan 1, 2010

MTP Device (Media Transfer USB Mode)

I've seen this problem so many times before with the 5800 and it bugged me so much. So I'm sharing the fix for everyone.

The error would be that the mtp device will not successfully install or it will keep on installing but never actually finish.

The fix is actually quite simple.

1. Connect your phone is mass storage mode / Attach the memory card via a card reader

2. Go to E:\private\      then delete the 10208913 folder.
(Where E: is the Drive of your memory card)


Anonymous said...

Thank you!!!!! Worked perfectly :)

Jack said...

Many thanks. You're rock.!!

Oreo27 said...

No problem mate. Great to hear that.

XwyhyX said...

aw,, too bad, after i delete it, then reconnect, it still won't install, and the folder's back again :0

Anonymous said...

AWESOME Dude...!!!!!!
U rock..:-)

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