Dec 31, 2009

PhoneTorch for SymbianOS 9.4 (5th Edition)

Hack Your Nokia 5800
Last update: 10-March-2009
Current version: 1.0.3

Use your camera flash as a flashlight

(sis (unsigned), sis (signed), zip)
Screenshots: Main View , Morse Codes
License: Free for non-commercial usage | Donation via PayPal
Feedback, Questions, Feature Requests: dev<> (replace <> with @)
PhoneTorch is a tool for SymbianOS 9.4 5th Edition (e.g. Nokia 5800XM) phones which allows to use the phone's build in white and red LED flash as a torch.
PhoneTorch is still under development and usage is at your own risk. Intensive use of the camera flashlight might lead to device damage.
Info for all S60 3rd Edition FP1 and 2 users (e.g. N85, N95, N95-8GB, N96, Samsung I8510): I got some requests to support these phones. The FP1 phones will never be supported because they lack the required functions. I am working on a fix for FP2 phones. Please visit this site regularly or drop me a line with the subject "FP2 Support Request". I will then inform you, when a working version for FP2 phones comes out.


  1. Torch using white and red LEDs
  2. Torch using screen
  3. Morse codes via flash light
  4. PhoneTorch is free for non-commercial usage. Many efforts and hours of works have been put into the development of and support for PhoneTorch. If you like the tool, I appreciate a donation
The above is taken from the author's site

Here's what the application looks like


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