Jan 2, 2010

No Beep Recording

Hack Your Nokia 5800 - This requires Rom Patcher +. It won't work with unhacked phones.

Okay, so we want a recorder that doesn't beep every few seconds. But the built in protection of Nokia is making it nearly impossible to do this. Here's the solution.

For all those who've hacked their phone, you'll know that there will be something called rom patcher installed on your phone. We'll use this to patch the inbuilt protection of Nokia for no beep recording.

First, download this rom patcher patch.

Download Link

Then copy this file to e:\patches

After that open up rom patcher, your new remove record tone 5800 will show up

Then first we need to set it to auto to make sure it start every time our phone starts. Highlight it, Go to options > Set to auto (you'll get a yellow circle)

Lastly, we need to start it, simply tap it one more time as it's highlighted and you'll get a green check.

Okay, so now you've removed the beep. What call recorder can we use? One choice for those who don't want to spend money is use the built in voice recorder of nokia. (It's in applications)

Another option is to use one of the good call recorders like Killer Mobile Total Recall.

As a side note, please make sure that call recording while only one party is aware is legal in your country.


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot.
Works fine

bravesoul said...

will try it then say something but thx in advance.

Oreo27 said...

no problem mate. feel free to post your comments

Anonymous said...

working great thanks

Anonymous said...

works with nokia X6.. but when i start recording there is still a beep.

NVNT said...

Hi, can you please give me same kind of patch for E63. I tried the above one but it doesn't work on my phone. Could you please please help me out in this regard

Anonymous said...

work in 5800 ! thanks a lot !

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