Jan 4, 2010

Change Fonts

Want to change fonts on your Phone?
Here's the Calibri font which is the default of Microsoft Office 2007 and Windows 7

1. First, create a folder called fonts in e:\resource (where e is your memory card)
2. Get a .ttf font of your liking. You can find many here.
Or if you like the Calibri font, you may get it here, arranged according to the next steps.
Download Link - If you do download this zip file, extract it and proceed to step 5
-Note that the files are already inside a folder named fonts, so please just copy the four files into e:\resource\fonts

3. If you didn't download my fonts, make 4 copies of the font that you chose.
4. Rename the four copies you made to


Note that you will only need to put .ttf if you can edit file extensions normally as per your settings in Windows.

Otherwise, you will only need to put

as the names of the font

5. Copy the four files to e:\resource\fonts

6. Restart your phone.

That's it.


fil said...

hi, you have a nice blog here. continues doing it and put some games and more programs. thank you very much

added to my bookmarks ^^

Anonymous said...

can you please put here pdf's reader, antivirus, and messenger?


Oreo27 said...


i personally don't play games on my 5800 but i'll try to find some freeware games. check back for updates


you can find a pdf reader here


for antivirus I suggest kaspersky

unfortunately there is no free pdf reader and antivirus for mobile.

i personally tried the pdf reader on my mobile but it's not as good. I have a hard time reading there.

Anonymous said...

which fonts from this site can be used(im sure that not all of them because i tried)

Oreo27 said...

well, as a general rule, most .ttf fonts can be used. it's just a matter of trial and error.

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