Apr 7, 2010

I'm Back Nokia's Core File is Hacked (Eagerly Awaiting Release)

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to say that this blog is up and running again. Why? I recently heard that the core file of Nokia firmwares was cracked. This means we can edit EVERYTHING in our handsets. I lost interest for this blog due to the fact that my mobile phone was stolen around 3 months ago (same time I stopped blogging). I now own a E-52 (Symbian) but will continue to provide everyone with the best tutorials for newbies and experts alike. The author of this crack said that he is still busy doing other projects but will release it in around 3 weeks time. There is no assurance as to whether it will be a freeware/shareware/payware.


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what can you actually mod in your phone in the core file?

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