Jan 16, 2010

Original Nokia 5530 Themes (Transparent)

These are the original themes that come with the Nokia 5530. Since v40, the Nokia 5800 has used a new homescreen. Unfortunately, the original themes that came with the 5800 are not transparent in the Shortcuts, Music Player Widget and Contatcs Bar. So I came up with the themes from my friend's 5530 a while back. It supports full transparency.

For those who want the entire package, you may download it from here
Download Link

I intentionally blurred out the contacts bar
1. Light Vision

Download Link

2. Orbits

Download Link

3. Pattern

Download Link

4. Reflections

Download Link

5. Stripes

Download Link


totoro said...

this need hacked phone?

Oreo27 said...

no, it doesn't

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