Jan 27, 2010

Mark Multiple Items on Your Mobile

Ever wondered why Nokia removed the very useful pencil key (aka edit key) from some smartphones like the 5800? I certainly missed this feature and found out that there is actually a software that does this. It's called ThePencil. Basically, it will let you mark multiple items by using a pre-defined key which you will set when you run the program. It's actually developed for Symbian S60v3 but it works on newer models too. I've tweaked it to allow to install on newer models. I suggest you install it in C:\ Note that this is an unsigned application. You may sign it using this method posted here.

Credits go to the original maker Jbak

Download Link


KLAAS said...

doesn't work :(

Anonymous said...

it's not working on my 5800xm v21

Oreo27 said...

hi guys, when you say not working, what do you mean by that? do you get an error message?

RIPS10 said...

which key do you select to mark items?

Oreo27 said...

you have to first set a key to be the pencil key by

*entering the pencil application

*pressing the key you wish to be the pencil key "i use the green call button"

*pressing save

*pressing hide

the key you've saved is now the pencil key.

RIPS10 said...

i know but the 5800 doesn't have much keys which do you use camera?

Anonymous said...

gives an error message...its not working

Hasitha said...


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