Jan 14, 2010

Change Prodcut Code On Your BB5 Phone

Someitmes we need to change a product code to install the latest firmware because it might not be updated in our region. This is also used to debrand our phones.

Download Nemesis Service Suite Here
Download Link

Then install. Choose virtual usb cable if prompted.

Now close Nokia PC Suite from the system tray.
>right click then select exit

Connect your phone using  pc suite mode

Open nemesis service suite. Click on the magnifying glass on the top right portion of this application

Click on Phone Info

Click on Read to check your product code and store it somewhere so you can change it back to it in case you want to.

Now, click on enable, change the product code by typing it in then click write. This will be done in less than a second, but be assured that this has changed your product code.

Click read again to check if it worked. That's it.


Anonymous said...

doesnt work

neppy said...

its save to do it?

Oreo27 said...

yes it's safe

i have tested and confirmed it is working in Windows 7 x64

did you follow the guide step by step? what error message are you getting?

Anonymous said...

It does`nt see my phone

Oreo27 said...

before doing the steps above. make sure you exit nokia pc suite completely.

Anonymous said...

it doesnt work nothings change!

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