Dec 29, 2009

Installation of Anthing On Your Phone. No More Certificates.

I have first posted this on a Forum and reposted it here at my Blog. Alternatively, it can be found here

This is a very simple guide to hack your phone.
Hacking your phone means you can install any unsigned application on your phone.

Everything is explained here in detail for anyone wondering what steps we're going to take. If you could care less, this guide also has a short version.

What makes this different from others?

1. It's so simple
2. No need to get certificates from others! Get it yourself.
3. You'll know exactly what's going on.
4. You'll do everything easily. You can hack almost any phone.

5. If your phone is unhackable, you'll know how to sign applications thus allowing you to still install them onto your phone.

What you'll need to do.

The short version is the one on the left which is written in bold. If you don't care about why this is being done or you want it done fast don't read the explanation which is the one after the = sign in the right

1. Create an account in OPDA = Why? OPDA is a free service which used to be in Chinese . This made getting a developer certificate complicated. Now, they have an English version which makes it a lot easier. OPDA certificates are 17 capability developer certificates which when signed into an application will allow that application to do pretty much anything on your phone. Each certificate is unique to your phone.

1.A. Once on the site click on register as seen in the picture below

Account = any username
Password = any password
Confirm Password = same as above
Email = your true email address
Safe Code = Just copy the the text right beside it.

Click on the Submit and Register button

Now click Login (The one right next to register)
Enter your user details then click on login

Then Click on Apply Cer as shown in the image below

Model = Your Phone's Model
IMEI = Your phone's IMEI number
***How do I get my IMEI? Type *#06# on your phone while on the homescreen (where you dial numbers to call) Copy this number somewhere. This is your IMEI.
Confirm IMEI = Just type your IMEI again
Remark = Place something unique here to identify who is the owner of this phone e.g. oreo27's Nokia 5800 Express Music

Click on Submit Application

This will appear = Operation Successful

Voila! You have applied for your phone's certificate and key files which you will need later.

Click on my certificate and it will look something like this.

Updated 12 - 09 -2009We need to wait 0 - 48 hours for this to be available. Opda's time now varies from getting certificates instantly to getting it in 48 hours. In my personal experience it has never gone over 24

While we're waiting. Let's get ready to hack our phone.

2.Download the application we'll use to hack your phone "HelloOX2". Download it from here = HelloOX2 is an application that can hack most phones and allow the user to install any application.

3. Download SISContents here = We need to sign HelloOX2 with the developer certificate we applied for in step one

3.A. So how do we sign applications using SISContents?

This guide is made by me on another forum.

Well, basically if you want to sign a file here's what you do

1. Click File > Open File (Open the .sis or .sisx application you'd like to sign)
2. Once open, click tools > sign package
3. On the upper left side click on key pairs
-browse for you .cer and .key file respectively. (The ones you got in step 1)
-Put in Profile name your Mobile's name EX. Nokia 5800
-click on add profile
4. On package beside key pairs click on signing profiles and you should see the recently made key pair with your mobile's name
5. Click on add signature
6. Click on File > Save As
Store it somewhere you can remember and install this application on your phone.

That's it, you may now install this on your phone without hacking


4. Sign HelloOX2 with SISContents as outlined in step 3
5. Install the signed HelloOX2 onto your phone = There are many ways to do this.

*If you have Nokia PC Suite and have your phone connected simply double click the application on your computer, this will prompt you if you'd like to install this onto your phone
*You copy this file to the phone by various methods (Nokia Phone Browser, Mass Storage, Removing the Memory Card and Accessing it through a card reader, Bluetooth). Start the installation by accessing the file from the file manager in your phone.

6. Run HelloOX2 = While running HelloOX2 which does everything without any user intervention, let's keep in mind that we need to have a memory card present. That's where ROM Patcher will be installed (Automatically ofcourse).

7. Be Proud, You're almost done = The last step is making sure Rom Patcher is set to autorun so that everytime you restart your phone you are still able to install applications. Now go to applications and go to Rom Patcher +

Select The two patches that are there and make sure they are checked and green.
To make sure they autostart highlight it then select options > add to auto [It should show a yellow circle along with the green check mark]

That's it! Your phone has been hacked by you. You may now install unsigned applications on your phone.

Oreo27 @ Nokia5800Mods

Thanks: :D
1. TgsPda for providing numerous applications, updating and keeping the scene alive.
2. All the tutorials out there that led me to learn how to do this.
3. Everyone contributing to the community.

Tools Used in this post
Microsoft Windows 7 Snipping Tool
Mozilla Firefox

Notes: :?:
Hacking your phone means you're letting applications do whatever it pleases on your phone, make sure you trust the applications you're installing

Nokia, please be nice enough to let users do whatever they want with their phone. Microsoft is very strict when it comes to licensing and piracy but they give users freedom to do what they like on their computers, are you guys better than them?

Comments? Questions?
Feel free to reply to this post, share your thoughts so that others may learn.

Additions Through Feedbacks:
Thanks to override182 @ TgSPDA = additional tools to sign applications

Direct from OPDA

For PC

For Mobile


Anonymous said...

nice tutorial :D
thank you

Oreo27 said...

no problem mate :) check back for more

totoro said...

is this mean we can play the demo version of game in full version? like Appulous for iPhone? tell me tq

Oreo27 said...

no, this is not for hacking applications, this is for allowing your phone to install applications that are unsigned. a part of this tutorial also teaches how to sign applications in case you are not able to hack your phone like n97v20 or 5800v40

neil said...

yo oreo mate! ive already updated my phone to the latest software which is the v40.0.005.. will Hello0X2 still work? bec i tried and when i ran helooox2 it took awhile to "unpack file" so i just cancelled it.. please reply asap.. i cant wait to install stuff on my phone.. hehe

Oreo27 said...

nope. heloox won't work on newer firmwares. instead the PHNT have developed a new way to hack and implement custom fimrwares. You can view it here.

wintermint said...

thanks! this was a great tutorial...and it's foolproof for a newbie like me, it's like an idiot's guide to hacking your phone....^_^ thankee much much!

Anonymous said...

nice tuts.. ill be having my nokia 5800 dis decemver.. ill check this back when i have it laready

NVNT said...

Dude . . . . . you made my day. . . .everything works just fine. . . . . the instructions are so easy that the dumbest like me could hack the phone :-)

Trust me I have spent days together to find out a solution for this nokia's stupid certificate problem.

Thanks ""

thank you very very much.

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